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I have never been a perfectionist. Most things come relatively easy to me and I never had unattainable expectations for myself, that was until that I found myself surrounded by some of the most creative people I’ve ever met while in the Adlab. It felt as though everyone else had more experience and something unique to bring to the table. 


Feeling like the imposter in the room is isolating. By talking with others and sharing my experiences of feeling like I don’t belong, I realized that almost all of my peers felt similarly.


That is when I helped start a group called the Adequacy Project alongside fellow AdLabbers with experiences with imposter syndrome. We spent a semester sharing resources to help fellow students who have felt similar to us to recognize their own worth. 


(I was in charge of designing the website, logos, Instagram posts, and helping with videos and content creation for the project.)

Click to visit the site and explore the content from the project!

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