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Set Design: Some snippets of an archived spec ad for Depop that I did the Directing and Art Direction for

Director, Art Director, Colorist, Producer: Savannah Chapple

Director of Photography, Editor: Tyler Davies

1st AD: Parker Chase

Assistant Art Director: Izzy Anderson, Sydney Costa, Gwynie Bahr, Chris Mercado

Copywriter: John Starkweather

Manager: Katelyn Young

Fender is the heartbeat of rock and roll. While music is ever-evolving, Fender remains the same. For decades, musicians have found their own ways of using the iconic guitar to revolutionize the world of music. Fender is the instrument for any type of artist.

Art Director: Savannah Chapple

Copywriter: Sydney Illum, Brennan Hunt

Due to the long-standing stigma against bidets in Western culture, people think that bidets are not able to get them as clean as other popular wiping options. We want the world to know that Tushy is the best way to get your butt squeaky clean.

Art Director: Savannah Chapple

Copywriter: Jake Marchant

Logo work, branding, and website design that I did for a few different businesses and projects.


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