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My transition into such a homogenous community like Provo, UT, and BYU, was one that was very difficult for me. It felt as though everyone needed to fit in the same mold that I didn't fit in order to survive. Luckily, I found refuge in the Prodigal Press community.

Prodigal Press is a Provo, UT media collective with an emphasis on personal narratives, investigative journalism, and local art and events. We are dedicated to publishing unheard voices and perspectives.


Prodigal Press was founded by undergraduate students at Brigham Young University with the intention of providing an alternative platform for underrepresented opinions. We rely heavily on guest columnists, but we are also establishing roles for regular contributors. Prodigal Press delves into issues of social stigmatization by providing a microphone for the marginalized.


I have had the lovely opportunity to work as the Project Manager and Operations Lead for Prodigal throughout some of my time at BYU. I primarily run meetings, keep our team of roughly twenty volunteers in order, while also coordinating projects and events, and basically just make sure that everything is always running smoothly. I love the people of Prodigal Press Provo, the audience that we have formed, and the content we have made.

 Check out our work to see what our members have worked so hard to create and curate for the Provo community.

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